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Finished Shipping Container Homes


For a more detailed quote on your container home project read the below information and send our company as much detail as possible:

Step one
Type of Shipping Container
1. 20’x8’x8’
2. 40’x8’x8’
3. 40’x8’x9’(high)

Step two
The type of work you want our company to do:

1. Create the Home on wheels (Non-permanent structure) “No permits required”

2. Create a Shipping Container Home using one or multiple units.(Permanent structure)

3. Provide the Shipping Container only. “You do all the work.”

4. Create a modified, but unfinished, Shipping Container Block. This involves modifying the container according to the stage the client wants.

a. Prepare the container with all the cut outs for windows and doors , then re-support these cut outs with metal framing. “just do the holes”
b. Prepare the container with all its electricity only.
c. Prepare the container with all the plumbing.
d. Prepare the container with insulation and wall board.
e. Prepare the container at any stage for the client

Step three
Choose from the list below what you want to include in the quote:

1. Insulation
2. Basic Plumbing and fixtures
3. Basic Electricity and fixtures
4. Flooring
5. Wallboard (fibrolite or gypsum)
6. Basic glass installation
7. Built-in Shelves
8. Walls finished and painted
9. Standard front door
10. Metal bars on all windows and doors
11. Spiral staircase to the roof top deck
12. Safety rail on roof deck
13. Kitchen (sink, faucet, shelves, countertop)
14. Outside shell painted
15. Bathroom (toilet, sink, shower)
16. Deck

Include any of the following, if required:

1. Site preparation
2. Septic Tank
3. Transportation
4. Crane/backhoe costs
5. Permits:
























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