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Jimmy worked as a Greenpeace team leader for six years in Washington, DC. He left Greenpeace to study Chiropractic in Georgia. Weeks after receiving his Doctorate he moved to Costa Rica. Established for eighteen years as a Chiropractor in the town of San Ramon, Costa Rica, Jimmy is also a yoga instructor. Jimmy has found that green building and real estate are a perfect combination for his skills and background. In the past 18 years he has modified over 50 steel shipping containers into homes, offices, hotels,etc. The list of projects and photos and videos goes on and on. Most all of the work can be seen in the photos, videos on Youtube and in home book “How to build a shipping container home”

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Jimmy Lee

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Gabriela Valverde helps us do almost everything we can image. Fluent in both English and Spanish she helps our business close the language gap with our English Speaking Clients.
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