About the Container Home Book

The Container Home Book Construction is the first big step in getting started with your new steel box home.

This book is a recompilation of our team work experiences along with what we have researched and learned from other peoples projects.

Our team has accomplished everything in this book. We are experts in steel home construction. We are like most people reading this book, container home idealists. We have engineers, architects and designers with whom we consult; however we are really just home builders.

My team has built many standard homes here in Costa Rica from design to foundation to creating the furnishings. We have many years of experience in welding and metal work.

We just want to tell people how we did it, verses “how to do it” There are so many incredible shipping container home designers and builders in the world that I encourage our readers to investigate.

The step-by-step process is information for people who have an established team already. A team of electricians, welders and people trained in laying tile. Our step-by-step information is not for someone with no experience. The information in the book should be used along with other information, guidance and experience. We will not be explaining how to do electricity and or plumbing in a container home. We assume that the readers have an understanding of general construction.

This book is not filled with details and steps on home construction; it is more an outline with suggestions and advice on container home building. Also, these homes are not built to code in all countries around the globe. These homes are built to code in Costa Rica. You must look into your local building codes regarding shipping container home construction before you begin.

Thank you and enjoy

Jimmy Lee

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  • The Book is a DOWNLOAD from DROPBOX.com, after payment I’ll send you the link
  • Includes all of our designs and photos.
  • Step by step instructional guidelines for buying, transporting and building a shipping container home.

If you have any problems at all please e-mail us through our contact page and we will help you as soon as we can.