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Shipping Container Homes

“Our Company is committed to helping you find the right container home”

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Shipping Container Home Options:

“Our two newest products, Pre-Fabricated Metal Homes, Fully Finished”

PreFab Metal Home 38m2 Living space $25,500

“This home cane be delivered and installed in 60days”

“We assist with the permit process”

“Price includes installation”

$11,500-20ft Finished PreFab Home

“This 20ft long metal home comes complete with bathroom and kitchen, turn-key”

25ft Shipping Container Home

“This home is ready today, we can delivery it asap”

“Turnkey 25ft Shipping Container Home”

40ft Finished Container Home

“This is a 40ft long 9’6″ High new shipping container”

“Lots of space and glass”

Car & Truck Garage in a shipping container.

“Perfect for long term storage and security”

Office  Container

“Perfect for a business. This office is portable and very secure”

Emergency Shelter Homes

Emergency Shelter Homes for Post Disaster relief

Storage Containers with Pull up Doors

“We have 20ft HQ sizes as well”

PreFabricated Structures, Apartments and Offices. 

PreFabricated Structures

Used Shipping Containers

Used Shipping Containers

20ft Finished Container Home

20ft Finished

40ft Reefer Home



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