Invoice                                                                                      Price: $53,450

Included in the price:

  1. Three Heavy Duty Steel “one-way” used Shipping Container. Size 40ftx8ftx9’6”ft HQ
  2. Metal frame out with fibrolite Insulated walls and ceiling. Interior not painted.
  3. Two Bathrooms. Plumbing and fixtures (Standard issue Toilet, Sink with faucet and Shower) Bathroom one size: 8ftx 5’6”. Second floor bathroom size 8ftx 11ft. No ceramic finish on walls or floors.
  4. Kitchen design similar to our model home. Includes sink,faucet, counter top, breakfast bar and all plumbing and electric outlets.
  5. Electricity and fixtures throughout the unit. (110v/220v electrical system) (Using only Eagle o Superior) One breaker box with six 110 breakers and three 220 breaker.(Shower, Two AC units)
  6. Three 1M x 70mm Window cut outs with Bars & screens. One for each lower floor bedroom and one for the kitchen. No glass.
  7. Two bedrooms on the bottom two containers, including doors. No shelving.
  8. One 4M long steel slider doors with lock box. Two Steel cutout doors on hinges for 2nd floor bedroom.
  9. A cut out of the bottom two containers, size to be determined
  10. Metal and wood staircase to the second floor.
  11. Wooden Deck on metal frame on top of container, size 38ft x 7ft3”
  12. All labor and taxes.



  1. The containers we use are 2015 one-way used. As seen on our property.
  2. Cables eléctricos: THHN marca Phelps Dodge.   We will use ground fault outlets.


Not included in price quote:

  1. Installation and transportation of the home.
  2. All of the Glass windows and sliding glass doors.

Payment structure:

Deposit (50%):                       Due upon signing contract.

Second Payment (25%):               When home is 50% complete.

Final Payment:                  One week before delivery

Buyer:______________________________   Date:_______________________

Seller:______________________________ Date:_______________________

With respect to the sale of containers:

James Lee cedula # 184000041830 acting as the domestic buyer is responsible for the transaction and transition of container ownership.


Banco Nacional de Costa Rica

Container Emergency Shelter Home LMTD,

USA Transfers: WELLS FARGO, Austin, Texas 78704




Invoice                                                                                                Amount:

Sale of container VIN #   FXLU142095.6


Two 20ft x 8ft x 8ft Shipping Containers. One way new “used” containers.



James J. Lee, USA Citizen, bear of Passport # 477-857-586 acting as representative with Full Power of Attorney of the company:

Container Emergency Shelter Home LMTD, Persona Juridica: 3-102-705220,

hereinafter identified as the “AGENT”; have agreed to enter into the present “BUYER’S CONTRACT”, which shall be governed by the Laws of the Republic of Costa Rica and by the following clauses:

FIRST: The AGENT as a Container Homes Brokerage Firm will provide the client with the authorized tag numbers on the shipping containers in question. These shipping containers will have the dimensions enclosed, and a general state of condition.

 I, the undersigned seller, hereby certify that the items for sale as stated in this contract are in working condition and structurally sound.

I, the undersigned seller, certify that said “ 20ft x 8ft x 8ft” Steel Shipping Containers” are owned and sold by me and I warrant them to be free of any liens, claims, security agreements, encumbrances, charges and demands.

I, the undersigned buyer, acknowledge receipt of this Bill of Sale and understand that the above-described items are sold in “as is” condition and there is no other expressed or implied warranty or guarantee.

I, the undersigned buyer, acknowledge that I am responsible for the transport of the container to its final destination. That the roads are suitable for the transport and that the driver needs to install the container as close as possible to its final destination as the road seems fit.

We (buyer and seller) certify that all of the above information provided in this document is true and accurate to the best of our knowledge.


Seller’s Signature                                                                                        Buyer’s Signature