PreFab Metal Home 38m2 Living space $25,500

PreFab Metal Home 38m2 Living space

Solar Electricity Options: $3500 add on.

Price: $25,500


 This 3-Fold out Home cane be ready in less than 90 days.

Description of the 3-Fold -Steel home

  • 38m2 Living space
  • Finished Insulated Walls, Ceiling and Floor
  • One Steel Door
  • 7 Windows, double layer glass in a thickness.
  • Electricity throughout the home
  • Finished Bathroom.
  • Finished Kitchen with counters and cabinets.
  • Insulation filling: Mineral wool K value: 0.71 W/ m2K
  • Reaction to Fire Classification: A1 certified ISO EN 13501