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Our current project started on April 28th in San Ramon Costa Rica.

We will be building a container home using three 20ft-shipping containers.

Our container construction projects are open to the public.

So you are welcome to come by and walk through the home in its step-by-step process, and take photos if you like.

However, you must e-mail us for an appointment.

If you are located in Costa Rica and are considering a purchase of a container home, then ask us about our May 2011 discount offers when we combine projects.

If you wish to have your own designs, similar to the ones attached then contact us for a quote.

If you have purchased our book and have built a container home then please send us your photos and any comments and/or recommendations to [email protected]

We do not have any finished products ready to be shipped out. We custom build everything. Therefore, if you are considering one of our homes then we ask you to contact us 6-8 mths beforehand. The amount of time required to complete a home depends on the size. All of the container homes are built at our workshop in San Ramon Costa Rica, then transported to the final location.

Most of these homes do not need permits because they are removable and considered a non-permanent structure. However, this we cannot guarantee in Costa Rica.

If you are located in a “green-zone”, then you should consider purchasing a unit on its wheels.

If money is a concern, then you should consider building your container home in phases at our workshop as you pay it off.

If you want to buy a used container only,the prices on the 20ft units are $2850 and the 40ft units are $3900. These prices are subject to change based on the supply and demand. You must send us the exact address of your lot for an accurate transportation quote. The average transportation prices are $200 per 40 kilometers.

Thank you
Jimmy Lee
San Ramon, Costa Rica