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Container Home construction options.


The Cuts are the first thing we do after the container arrives at our workshop. We have many different cuts, from doors to windows to roofs and even the floor. After the cutting we do two important things that most people don’t know is important. Directly after the cuts the two important things to remember is:

  1. Paint both the cut area and the freshly welded spots with an anti-corrosive paint. The rust will begin in one day if you do not. The rust starts almost immediately after the metal is exposed. This will save you the agony of sanding down the areas later.
  2. Clean the entire area of the container after you have cut and/or welded. Use a broom, air-compressor or towels. This is very important because if it rains, or your container collects moisture in the night, the metal debris will stain your floor permanently and will cause rust on every part it comes in contact with.


Price list for modifications

Some of our clients prefer to build the container home themselves, but do not want to modify the metal cutouts and welding. So we offer them a fair competitive price on this work.

Generally we charge the following:

  • Transport from San Jose to San Ramon:  $150 for 20ft container.  $225 for 40ft
  • Unloading then reloading: 20ft container(no charge). 40ft ($275)

Metal cutouts:

  1.  Steel slider door:  6-8ft wide:  $650-$975.  
  2. Standard Door:  Re-using the cutout:  $200
  3. Windows(1mx1m):steel cut out and framing(not including glass): $200 each.
  4.  Lock Box: $125 each. 
  5. Sanding Down and coating the container floor:  $175-250

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Container Homes



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Container Homes

Container Homes



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