The standard Kitchen layout. White tile counter with backsplash. Open on the bottom for clients who wish to install cabinets. Wooden breakfast bar. High end sink and standard faucet. Wooden shelves. Hot water optional.
Standard Bathroom sink, toilet and shower. We use high end eco-flush toilets. We have other sink options seen below, these are upgrades. Our shower doors are a durable plastic as seen in photo. We have options for the shower door as well. The window in the bathroom is extra.
$250 Upgrade
$200 Upgrade for Sink & counter. Also notice the option on the shower door, a glass wall upgrade for $200.

Glass wall for shower, $200.
Ceiling Fans $175. Only available in the HC containers which are 9’6″ in height.


















Steel Sliding Door size and appearance, including lock box.









  1. Kitchen: We usually use a beige or white tile, but you can decide. This includes our wooden shelves as seen in photos and wooden breakfast bar.
  2. Bathroom: As seen in the photo, this is the general layout of the bathroom, with standard sink and/or upgrade, shower door and/or upgrade. Also, please select the color for the tile.
  3. Windows:  (2 windows 90mm x 60 mm included)Glass color options are clear or slightly tinted, for the frames are Bronze or Silver.
  4. You decide the color of the outside of the container.
  5. There will be one light outside of the container home with a switch on the inside.
  6. Choice of container home external color.
  7. Option ceiling fan. (Extra Cost)