Reefer Home $22,200


This 40ft Refrigerator Container unit can be modified as one single unit or as Two 20ft Halves merged together.


  1. ONE 40ft x 8ft x 9.6 ft High Used refrigerated shipping container.
  2. The walls and ceiling have a built in 3″ insulation.
  3. Electricity and water throughout the home.
  4. Fully finished bathroom with Ceramic tile, sink and shower.
  5. Finished Kitchen with sink, water, electric, shelves and small window.  
  6. Ceramic Floor throughout the home.
  7. Inside and Outside primed and painted.
  8. One Sliding Glass Door. 2 meters wide.
  9. One Steel slider door, size 2 M with lock box.
  10. One window per bedroom. Size 1Mx .80.
  11. Steel security bars on windows.

Not Included in the above price:

  1. Transportation
  2. Installation
  3. Permits



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