The following information will help you understand the steps required to purchase a shipping container Home with in Costa Rica.

Here is the general outline:

  1. Do you need permits?
  2. Size and price of home as well as timeline for construction.
  3. Site Preparation. Septic, electricity, water and the foundation.
  4. Transportation and Crane rentals.
  5. Method of Payment


Listed below are two links, one for the description of the permits for container home construction and the other for floor plans    and designs. Many people who are using a container for storage just need to go to their local municipality and asked if they need any permits. Most likely you do not, especially if you are not installing water or electricity. If you were to build a small 20ft container home, you could explain to the municipality that the home is a non-permanent structure. They should allow you to continue, but require septic tank permits.

Permit information page

Floor Plans and Designs


Please use the following link to review all of our prices. What is included and any modifications.

Price on current available container homes


Site Prep:

We do not do site prep for our container home clients. However, we do coach their team on their home site about the measurements and location of electricity, water and septic. The following link will show you some things about the foundation.

Building the foundation and septic tank


Transport prices vary. Expect to pay between $550-850 per container.

Below are two links for transport and cranes. With the 20ft containers you do not need a crane because we use a tow truck that lowers the container to the ground. With the 40ft HQs you need a crane, or two backhoes or one escavator. This is importantant  for you to have ready when the driver arrives. Most cranes charge per 6 hrs. We usually pay $300 for the crane rental when we are moving around containers on the property.




  • We use Banco Nacional in Costa Rica as well as Wells Fargo, USA.
  • To begin your home building we require 50% down to begin the work then the final 50% one week before transport.
  • We do not have any financing.
  • The official VIN # on the container will match the contract and the bank receipts.
  • Click here to review a sample contact.