This 25ft truck can carry a container home safely to its final destination and unload it onto its foundation.

How To Transport A Shipping Container.

The movement of the shipping container is very easy and efficient, but costly. The prices have gone up significantly post pandemic in 2021. We have been seeing up to a 50% increase in fees for transport and installations.  In comparison to the USA and Costa Rica, the pricing is very similar. Cranes are more expensive and difficult to transport in the USA. In Costa Rica you can find cranes easily. Or, you can offload the shipping containers using two backhoes. This is what we do most of the time. Not very expensive. We have unloaded container for 40,000 colonies. Most backhoes will charge 15,000-25,000 per hour.









shipping container home construction

What We do:

Transporting shipping containers around the Country and or around the world requires a few important things.



  1. Having the drivers cell phone number.
  2. A good Spanish speaking contact on the clients end.
  3. Understanding the terms of delivery and installation of the shipping container.







Read our terms:

I, the undersigned BUYER, acknowledge that I am responsible for the transport of the container to its final destination. That the roads are suitable for the transport and that the driver needs to install the container as close as possible to its final destination as the road seems fit. Even if this is not at the final destination. The driver makes the final decision on road and personal safety. The driver holds the right to refuse the delivery if the client has been misleading in the directions and conditions of both road and land. The BUYER will be responsible for FEES associated with cutting branching or waiting on ICE to come lift low hanging wires, as well as any additional crane and/or backhoe rental fees if the road and or property is impassable. The BUYER will pay for any additional time required for the driver due to un-passable conditions.

The CLIENT must have either a crane or a backhoe with the proper chains to lift the shipping container off the trailer on the day of delivery. This crane/backhoe must be at the destination before the deliver.

The CLIENT will be charged for any additional time incurred by the driver for waiting on the removal and installation of the shipping container.



When transporting internationally the client will be responsible for claiming the unit and clearing it through your countries customs.
Also paying any fees, import taxes and any other local charges, i.e. storage fees,etc
The client will need to arrange the transportation and installation of the shipping container home to the property.
My suggestion is for the client to contact a custom agent to learn about the process, it is actually quite easy and fast. There is nothing inside the containers, i.e. materials,goods,etc. So there should not be any large fees applied to the shipping container home.
Then I would suggest to get some transportation quotes, perhaps from the custom agent or “Google” it.
With all of that information in your hands you should be able to make a decision on the overall value of importing one of our products verses buying and or locally making one.

BOOK on Container Home Construction. 

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