How To Install A Door For A Shipping Container

The shipping container door can be created from the cut out of the door or from scratch.

What we do when creating the shipping container door from the original cut out. The size of your shipping container door does not matter.

You can make it as large as a door you want.

Just weld more hinges to support it.
After we have the design of the door on paper, we measure and mark the outline of it and then begin cutting. We are still cutting our shipping containers with a circular saw and have yet moved the Plasma torch.

So when cutting with a circular saw be very careful.

After the cut out we use:

***C-Shape galvanized metal to frame out the door and the doorframe. We use two different sizes, the actual door is welded to a C-Shape galvanized metal and the frame has 3½ C-Shape galvanized metal welded to it.
Then we apply an expansive foam inside both container door frames.
We weld our door hinges to the door and it’s frame.

We also use some extra hinges in all our doors, usually 3-4 on a standard size door.

Once the hinges are on then we begin with the lock. This has taken us 2-4 hours sometimes. I don’t really know why but it’s just seems like it’s a more delicate weld. We basically line up the lock and then clamp it on and being the welding.

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