How To Install Steel Shutters On A Shipping Container

The design, construction and installation of the steel shutters in a shipping container home.

This is actually a lot of fun and very challenging. When we reuse the cut outs for shutters, awnings or doors we get a good feeling of saving on materials and reducing our footprint. We actually use all of our cutouts for something at our factory.

After the cut out we mark with spay paint on both the cutout and the new hole. This is so we can create a solid fit. We usually install the steel shutters to the shipping container before any window work. This is because the heat from the welding to the hinges can destroy the window frames, which are usually aluminum. After the cut out we sand down the shutters and then frame them out with a small c-bar type of metal. This makes the edges smooth, helps the appearance and allows for a better fit to the steel window frame we weld into place. Prior to the actual welding of the shutters to the shipping container we design the lock and hinge required to secure the shipping container home window and allow it to remain open. This design required us to drill a hole in the bottom of the window frame to allow a long metal tube to slide in and out of. When this tube is inside the container it can easily be fascine to the bottom inside of the shipping container and therefore be locked.

These shutters look OK, they don’t look very beautiful but they most certainly serve a purpose.

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