Cutouts on Shipping Containers

When we remove the sidewall of a shipping container home, the structure looses its structural integrity. Which is why you need to be careful in the design and execution of your container home. My company welds support beans in place of all large cutouts exceeding 3meters. We also take into consideration the stacking engineering. We usually build a deck or stack a second container on top and therefore all of out metal cutouts are taken into consideration.

“The general rule of thumb for the structural engineering on the removal of walls for a shipping container is that the weight of the steel cut out must be matched with the weight of the support beams/poles. “

These beams must also have their own footings in the foundation, in order to transfer the load. Under each large cutout we add an additional footing directly underneath the steel beam.

Our goal is to complete all of the welding first. The high temperatures used in welding can easily melt, burn and destroy anything that is not metal. Most construction projects follow the same rule of thumb. We spot weld rather than use a continual welding machine. This is due to the cost and accessibility of the required gas for the machine.

Our designs for our container home are the first things we consider. Where the windows and doors will be. In their place will be glass, therefore light, steel bars for security or a steel slider door and wind flow. So these are all the things to consider when you are beginning with the design of your home in accordance to the layout of your land. Where is the sun and shade, the best wind flow, the heavy rains and flooding areas. These questions are all required in the beginning phases. Also, how big do you want the windows and doors. The shipping container is small, so every window and door takes away shelves and internal space. We usually place shelves under our windows and above the doors.

You will always need space inside a shipping container.

When dealing with my clients I usually suggest that they come visit a container home and walk through one and see how they feel. Where do you want stuff to be, Ill ask them. Light switches, storage and the direction of the glass door slider. We take our clients through this process so they can imagine in their minds their life inside a box.