How To Install Glass On A Shipping Container Home

The design and the construction of glass in a shipping container home.

container home glass

The first step in the installation of glass in the shipping container home is the layout and the design of the entire home; where the glass will be going, the type of glass, size, and style. This is your natural light. However, if you are building a shipping container home with a concern of security then you will need to consider a few things.
Here are some photos of some small and secure windows.

Here in Costa Rica, security is on the top of our list when designing our shipping container homes. So any cutouts and removal of steel we take very seriously.

The cutouts and removal of steel from the shipping container will need to be re-supported if the size is very large and you plan on using the roof to stack another shipping container or create a roof top deck.

The general rule of thumb for the structural engineering on the removal of walls for a shipping container is that the weight of the cut out must be matched with the weight of the support beams/poles.
Here are a few photos of some sample cutouts.

What we have done so far to date has been the following:

  1. Installing standard stationary glass
  2. Installing Louvered glass windows
  3. Installing Sliding glass doors.
  4. Installing sliding glass windows.

The least expensive method is stationary glass and louvered. These are quite simple to and require less time.

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