Located in Nosara, Costa Rica this fabulous mini mall is built with shipping containers, just a short walking distance to the beach. Located under a steel roof are many converted used 20ft containers made into restaurants, bars, stores and laundry-mats. I walked by this place and could not believe it. I have been building container homes, restaurants and offices for close to 15 years and have never seen such a great, easy structure that functions so well. The place is called “Gaby’s” and seems to always be filled with people meeting and eating and drinking. I plan to stay there next time in town.

A must see while visiting Nosara Beach Costa Rica.

Bakery built into a 20ft container at Nosara Beach, Costa Rica
Sushi Container!
Container Tacos and Beers.
Sleep here, in this container hotel in Playa Nosara, Costa Rica
Container Hotels
Laundry Container