How To Install Bars On A Shipping Container Home

The installation of steel bars into the windows and doors of a shipping container home.

Once you have cut the holes in the shipping container and have your proper window space then you will need to install the metal frame then  you weld on the metal bars.

This window set up first involves the 2x2x2 “C” bars welded into the shipping container cutout. Next the wood frame or metal frame is installed. Once this has been completed then the welding of the steel bars can begin. However, if you are using aluminum window frames then you will need to weld the steel bars into the container before the frames. The temperature of the welding machine would melt the aluminum. Lastly, is the actual window glass install.
The actual welding of the steel bars is best seen in the following video:

Look for the Video on our videos page

When we create the steel bars we use different designs each time. We avoid the standard “jail like” bar effect by not placing the bars horizontal or vertical.

Also remember the screens. The window screens must be removable in order to clean, repair and replace them. Therefore whatever type of screen set up you create in your window design, remember to create a slid in design.

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Steel bars as a sliding door. Custom designed.
The metal bars can be designed to be slanted and angled for better appearance.
These straight bars look great with straight up and down bars.