How to Seal And Waterproof A Shipping Container Home in Costa Rica.

The design construction and installation required to seal and waterproof a shipping container home.

The sealing and waterproofing of a shipping container home should be a natural characteristic in the shipping container as is. This means that these seaworthy steel boxes are already sealed and waterproofed. So as a new owner of the container you will want to inspect the insides for any water damage. This is quite easy to find, just look for the areas of rust. You will notice that some water damaged occurred because of a small hole in the roof, due to another shipping container landing onto in an irregular angle. This repair will need your immediate attention.

Other places where you might notice some water damage, i.e. broke seal, is along the seams of the shipping container. This will require re-caulking and an inspection of the roof.
Visit maintenance of the shipping container home.
Use a high-grade sealer for your shipping container and re-inspect the entire unit after a hard rain.
Next are the windows, doors and any out going tubes and wires.

Basically any holes that you created during the construction of the container you will need to seal and waterproof. We use expansive foam along with silicon.

After we have welded in the window and door frames, we then apply the silicon in all the areas around the window/door, then we spay on the expansive foam.