How To Install The Electricity Throughout A Shipping Container Home in Costa Rica

The design and the construction of Electricity in a shipping container home in Costa Rica.

“The electrical installation of your shipping container home should only be done by an electrician”

In the design phase of the shipping container home you must remember to create your three main plans:

1. The structural layout, which includes the location of all windows, doors, the kitchen and bathroom.
2. The Electrical layout. The flowchart of all incoming electricity, the location of the outlets, switches and the fuse box.
3. The water layout. This is all the incoming and outgoing water into the shipping container home. This will naturally include the bathroom toilet, shower and sink, and the kitchen sink.


Regarding the electrical layout:

Imagine yourself in your shipping container home, walking around, living in it and see where you will want all your outlets and switches. This is a very small box, so things will be very different and you must plan accordingly. In the kitchen find the location for the toaster oven, stove, refrigerator and blender. Move around your very small bathroom and envision the location of the lights,switches and outlets. Then mark everything with some spray paint.

Also, remember any outside lights as well. If you are constructing your shipping container home in a location that is off the beaten path and you have a concern about the security of the home then I suggest that you do not install an electrical outlet on the outside of you home. Naturally this is to prevent someone from using any electrical machinery to break into your home.

When you have the electrical layout of the shipping container home then you can begin the next step.

Before the installation of the electricity, the frame out of the interior of the shipping container should be completed. The plans to frame out the container must include the locations of all electrical outlets and switches.
The placement of the fuse box in the shipping container home has always been a concern of ours. We usually place it in the kitchen underneath the counter but away from the sink. We feel that in such a small home the fuse box should be hidden.

Next, the three electrical cable lines will need to be inserted into plastic tubing. This tubing will house the cables that will be installed behind the wall board.

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