Container Home Prices


Prices for Container Homes, Offices and Storage Units really depends on what you want.

Raw Unfinished Containers

A large part of our business is brokering used shipping containers for clients to use as ready-made secure storage, or for their custom DIY container home plans. Used shipping containers have typically been used only once, as containers are unloaded, many are not reloaded, and shippers look to sell many containers rather than store them.

Used shipping containers are available in 20′ or 40′ lengths, reefer (insulated) or regular. Prices for gently used shipping containers range from $4000-$6000, plus delivery.


Partially Finished Container Homes

We build custom container homes, but have a few standard templates where we start with a raw container, 20′ or 40′, and add windows and doors, interior walls, electrical and plumbing. Then we paint the exterior. It still needs flooring, fixtures, furniture and some dressing up, but the bulk of the heavy lifting is done.

Prices for partially finished container homes depends on size and template chosen, but generally fall in the $8000-$12000 range.


Fully Finished Container Homes

Continuing work for a few more weeks on the partially finished container homes, we add interior wall coverings, flooring, furniture and fixtures, sink and toilet. Options include water capture and storage, solar panels, outdoor deck, canopy, etc. We work closely with our clients to create a custom container home of their dreams.

Prices for fully finished container homes vary widely, dependent on the options chosen, but most projects are in the $15000-$25000 range.

Click here if you want to see Actual Container Home Projects and Prices on jobs we have completed.

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  1. Hello,
    Can you please send me some information on the 40ft. home for $12,000? Thanks, steve

    • Hello,
      Please go to the “Buy a container” link on our website and we will follow up with you.

    • The senior person is to be shipped to Cayman Islands? or the container home is to be shipped to Cayman Islands? Lol.

      • Hello,
        Our company does not export single units outside the Country of Costa Rica.
        We also do not have any current contacts for you with in the container home industry.


        • I feel I need to renquire to clarify..I live in Playa Potrero CR and in a year or sooner I will be interested in a finished container …So you can ship one to me right???

          • Hello,
            Contact us when you fell ready to build. Depending on the home, it takes up to 3 mths to complete.
            Thank you

  2. Love your concepts…have been researching building on costa rica land for a while now. Please keep me updated as to whatever you guys are doing…



  3. I live in Atlanta Ga what is the ball park cost for a 20 ft container home, one bed,shower, living room, washer/dryer

  4. What’s the ball park range of pricing for a shipping container in Costa Rica from lowest range prices to highest range pricing?

  5. You do know export to the USA? So there’s no way to purchase from you?? You’re affordable, I’d be really bummed not to work with you guys.

    • Hello,
      Our company does not export single units outside the Country of Costa Rica.
      We also do not have any current contacts for you with in the container home industry.


  6. Paul Noorbergen

    Hi, will be looking for a 40′ HIGH CUBE refrigerator container with a basic fit out of a large bathroom (full width of the container and 3 metres long with composting toilet and hot and cold water plumbing for large shower (2m x 2m) and hot and cold water plumbing for large twin bowl vanity unit (1.8m long)
    Electrical fitout and fitting of 3 downlights and exhaust fan over shower, vented to outside with separate switches near bathroom entry door on the dividing wall. The dividing wall will have to be bare studs with top and bottom plates left unfinished to be completed by others. An opening in the wall in the framework to accommodate a cavity sliding door unit (opening of 2135mm high x 1765mm wide in frame, door head and door studs clearances with bottom plate cut out to finished floor height) make this central in the wall.
    In kitchen area, just outside the bathroom (fitted on the “length” side wall of container) hot and cold water plumbing fitted. I will be installing a large window directly over the proposed kitchen sink so make it roughly center of 3.6m. A window opening in the external wall of the container, re enforced with appropriate sized steel box section with an opening of 3050mm x 1150mm with the bottom section of the opening 1150mm from the finished floor to accommodate a bi-fold window above the kitchen cabinets to be fitted by others. 4 down lights to be fitted in the full container width kitchen area with two switches to control them to be wired up and placed in the bathroom dividing wall at 1400mm from the finished floor. All of this (bathroom and kitchen area) to be done at the end of the container where the swinging doors of the container are, ie, i can enter the bathroom first when entering the container.
    Thankyou very much for your quote to supply and delivery to Healesville Victoria. Mark it to attention Paul Noorbergen, Class A Builders
    20 Stephens Rd Healesville. I would appreciate the quote in writing rather than in Email.

    Kindest Regards
    Paul Noorbergen.
    Thankyou very much for your quotation

    • Hello,
      Our company does not export single units outside the Country of Costa Rica.
      We also do not have any current contacts for you with in the container home industry.


  7. Very Interesting! Looking for a container home to live in while we stay in CR 3-6 months out of the year! Do you handing all permits and building requirements once land is found? Do you help with land purchasing?
    Warm Regards Tami

    • Hello,
      We do work in Real estate.
      We do not provide permits.
      We can connect you with an architect when you are closer to your begin date.
      Thank you

  8. Please provide information for one or 2 containers in Atenas for a dog and cat shelter.
    We need to house as many as 20 dogs and. Cats separately.

  9. Wanting to know what the price will be for getting the foundation done for a 40′.We are looking for land now in Costa Rica and are trying to get all our prices together,thanks.

      • Thanks for getting back with me. I was just wanting to know roughly what the cost would be I understand you don’t do the foundations,was thinking you might have an idea they run?

  10. Hola,
    This very interesitng to me. I live in Costa Rica and in a couple of years I would be very interested in exploring my building options. I would like something larger and more custom, 3 beds, 2 levels and very custom. I saw in your comments you work with an architect. I would be looking for multiple containers joined to make larger rooms and an upstairs with moderately high end finishes. How much customization do you do? I would also be looking to incorperate off-the-grid living, wht is your expertise in that area?


    • Gary, We have built multiple container structures before. We do some off the grid, mostly outsourcing solar.
      Contact us when you are closer to breaking ground.

  11. Need container office for project in miramar. Have land and uso de suelo gracias. Mike

  12. Hello James!
    Are you in Costa Rica all the time? I want a meeting with you! It’s possible?

    Send me your address please! I have a cellphone for your office 506 8307-8666

    PS: Do you speak Spanish

    Thank you very much for your attention!

  13. Stephen Christakis

    Good day, I am interested in fully finished shipping containers. Have you ever done, or will you do Pavones? I’m interested in a 30 foot hi Cube, and to 15 foot, if you have them, regular. I have a design in mind. Thank you for your time