Sample Emergency Shipping Container Home Pricing:

DESCRIPTION OF HOME: Size: 320 sq/ft

Sleeps 15 people in Three Stack bunk beds. Includes One main door, Fully insulated, Electricity throughout the home, Full Bathroom and Kitchen.


OPTION ONE:   Emergency Shelter Complete Unit:

$22,000 Includes:

  1. Sleep 15 people in 5 steel bunk beds.
  2. One Durable Heavy Duty Shipping Container.
  3. Size 40ftx8ftx9ft
  4. Insulated walls and ceiling.
  5. Outside & Inside painted.
  6. Electricity and fixtures throughout the unit. (110/220v electrical system)
  7. Two ceiling lights and four wall plug receptacles per 20ft.
  8. Standard front door.
  9. Finished Wood Floor
  10. All labor and taxes.

Option Two: 20ft Container Multiple Bathroom Unit :

$12,000 Includes:

  1. Basic plumbing and water fixtures.
  2. Standard Electricity fixtures.
  3. Ventilation fan
  4. Standard door from cutout.
  5. Two private showers.
  6. 4 Toilets. **Option Bio-degradable Toilet.
  7. 4 Sinks.
  8. Basic shelving next to sink and above toilets for storage of materials.
  9. Option (Not included): Water Tank, gravity fed.
  10. Option (Not included): Electric Heaters or air condition


OPTION THREE 20ft Container Kitchen:

$10,000 Includes:

  1. Basic plumbing and water fixtures.
  2. Standard Electricity fixtures.
  3. Two Kitchenettes.
  4. Kitchen counter space.
  5. Space for a Refrigerator. (Not included)

Shipping and Handling:

The above prices do not include the actual price to ship the containers from Costa Rica to its final destination, including all the transport tariffs and loading onto shipping vessel.

The buyer must be responsible for claiming the containers on the other end and having the proper paperwork to exit customs and coordinate its final in Country transport, unloading and installing.



  • Standard electricity and solar panels for the lighting.
  • Propane Gas stoves.
  • Propane refrigerator.
  • Compost toilet with septic connections.
  • Gravity water tank with a rainwater catchment system.
  • Free – Simple assembly that any laborer can follow.