Container Homes are Safe & Secure

Container homes are more Secure than traditional homes built in Costa Rica:

Home security has been an issue throughout human history and has become even more of an issue in recent years.  In some parts of the world, particularly in the less developed and less affluent countries, it is not uncommon for home construction to include steel bars on the windows and doors.

We believe that living in a home with steel bars is tantamount to living in a cage. 

 Shipping containers, being constructed of steel, offer an inherently natural way of protecting the home from unwanted intrusion. 

This protection is provided by the use of the pieces of the original structure that were cut out for the windows and doors. 

These cut outs, which also double as storm covers, are installed so as to appear as a normal part of the home. But when required, they can be moved to cover all vulnerable points of access to the home. We also install metal bars on the outside of the windows on the shipping container home. Plus, we have lock boxes available on our steel slider doors.