Hurricane proof container homes

Shipping Container homes are Hurricane Resistant.

When considering the investment of building a house, the construction and  design, of a home, in an area which may be prone to hurricanes, there are two main factors to consider:   The first is the susceptibility to water damage, generally  caused by flooding.The second is the resistance of the construction materials to wind damage.  While Costa Rica is not normally prone to hurricanes, tropical storms are not uncommon, so the safety of a steel constructed home is a high priority. The construction and design of our container homes has taken these factors into account.

  • Water damage in Costa Rica.
  • Most damages sustained, during and immediately after a hurricane, are caused by flooding and water incursion through damaged structures.

    Shipping container homes reduce the chances of water damage in several ways:

    Natural Disaster 2

  • Most importantly, the steel wall structures are inherently watertight so that rains, driven by hurricane force winds, are unlikely to breach the structure.   Additionally,  shipping container homes are generally located away from areas which have a history of flooding. Flooding hasAreas in Costa Rica have been damaged by flooding. However, even in areas not normally susceptible to flooding, significant runoff can occur during heavy rains.  So, to obviate possible runoff damage, we build Shipping container homes on secure and elevated foundations.
  • Natural Disaster 1Wind damage in construction and on homes in Costa Rica – While water damage far surpasses other forms of damage incurred from hurricanes, damages caused by high winds can also be severe.  There are generally two sources of wind damage incurred during hurricanes.  The first, and most obvious, is from the hurricane itself.  In a strong hurricane, the wind speeds can reach upwards of 160 mph.
  • However, the strongest winds associated with hurricanes are generally caused by tornados spawned by the hurricane.  The winds from a strong tornado can be higher than 250 mph.  A high percentage of the wind damage is actually a result of debris being hurled through the air.  Experiments have shown that items, such as small trees or two-by-fours, can actually penetrate the walls of a concrete block home when hurled at the velocities generated by a moderately strong tornado.  The steel wall structure of homes Shipping container  is inherently secure against intrusion from such debris during a hurricane or tornado.

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Hurricane proof

To enhance the safety of our clients, and their household belongings, we offer secure steel shutters that can cover windows and doors during inclement weather.

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