Shipping Container homes with Bamboo Construction for Costa Rica:

Bamboo has been documented with over 1500 uses. Here are some examples of what bamboo can do:

Protect Farm land unlike other vegetables, bamboo is a perennial crop. Its strong green leaves break the force of winter rains. Its roots bind the soil, holding it even during earthquakes, flooding, and landslides.

Bamboo Construction for homes in Costa Rica


An excellent hardwood, consisting of ply boo, laminated boards and beams and strand board. A forest of bamboo is harvested for wood on a yearly basis. By making lumber from bamboo, native forests can grow and be left for recreation, water qualify and wildlife. If we plant bamboo we can farm our wood instead of wild cutting it.


With strong flexible fivers, it is used for paper making in India, China, Thailand and a Brazil.


It is the ultimate renewable fuel.


Evergreen bamboo leaves remove CO2 and pollutants from the air 12 months of the year unlike other sods. If all major buildings had bamboo sod roofs, American cities would be much cooler in the summer and have much cleaner air! 

Bamboo grows on level or hilly ground.

It is a natural air conditioner when used as a roof, floor, or walls in the home. It is actually 10 degrees colder inside than out which can make a big difference in hot and humid countries.

Bamboo provides a natural habitat for birds and wildlife.

Bamboo homes


Building homes, furniture, fences , and many other construction related things with bamboo has been going on for centuries and still is today. Growing in abundance in South America, Africa, and South East Asia. It is one of the oldest construction materials. Typical bamboo building elements are : canes, halved canes, laths, beading, bamboo boards and rope ties. 

This way of construction offers the following advantages : Pre-fabrication simple assembly, simple replacement of structural parts and they can be easily dismantled and reused. Roofs, floors , fences, rafters, linings, walls, rails and furniture can all be made form bamboo and can last much longer than standard woods.

Bamboo building materials as well as the structure have an extreme high elasticity and low mass. This is the reason why homes built a certain way with bamboo are secure from earthquakes!

Whether building a house, ails, stairway, fence, door, furniture, roof with bamboo, it is important to ” TREAT ” the bamboo using environmentally friendly preservatives for extending life. When building, Nailing is eliminated completely. Therefore, splitting, wiring, bolting and strapping provides positive connections.