1. The pace and stride in Costa Rica is very slow and as long as you enjoy that stye of living, this place is perfect. Going to the store could take longer than normal because of conversations you will have with folks along the way. It is almost impossible to just walk past someone that you have met before with out them stopping and asking you how you are doing. Usually in Spanish.

2. Working as a builder, therapist or teacher will bring you lots of joy as most of your clients and/or students will be very attentive and curious to their expat instructor. This includes any and all non profit work. The people of Costa Rica will truly pitch in to help others. To build a house for the poor, like Habituate For Humanity.

3. You can build almost anything anywhere. This statement might seem crazy and it is not completely true. But in Costa Rica the rules and regulations, though strict and concerning in many parts, they are more flexible outside the cities and towns. This allows to  streamline projects and get things moving on your home without the years of waiting on permits and architects. 

4. The food and farmers market. The outdoor music. The best thing to remind yourself of while living in Costa Rica, is to walk slow and enjoy the surroundings. Just a trip to the outdoor market can be quite the experience. The food venders are ready to feed you while the fruit venders are handing out fresh samples of mango and papaya. The eggs are fresh and free range and the cornbread and yuca was made minutes ago. 

5. The day trip to the hot springs, beach, jungle. This subject can be talked about for several pages. Costa Rica adventures and day trips are near limitless. Horseback ride to the hot springs and get a $50 massage nears the hot waters. Tiny cabinas on the beach, sleeping to the sound of the ocean and wildlife.

6. The cost of labor is low, so you can have great gardens, landscape and structures. Finding a “guy” to help move some rocks or dirt is very easy. These folks will work slow but are worth it for any of the heavy-duty workloads. So, you can create big fabulous gardens and structures without breaking your back and employing a local person.

7. The short flights and fancy airport and hospitality. There are plenty of direct flights to Costa Rica and upon arrive their airport is top notch. Newly renovations and speedy passage through customs and baggage claim, gets you and your family in and out in a flash.

8. Hiring an In-The-Home assistant. There are plenty of woman who need work and are quite capable of the tasks for assisted living. The pay is fair and very reasonable while being 50% less than what it would cost in the states.

9. The quiet nights. Costa Rica is a jungle and at night the sounds are incredible. The energy is relaxing, and the stars can be seen. Even though there big cities and noise, at night it all shuts down and you can hear the fullness of nature.

10. Why not!