The Medical Tourism in Costa Rica and Mexico business is thriving!!

For over 50 years USA citizens has been crossing over the boarder into Mexico for affordable health care and medications. The medical procedures in some cases are 80% less in Mexico. This crossing over the boarder is a billion dollar industry. The health care in the USA is out of control and people are becoming bankrupt because of it. Families are borrowing money, or putting health care options on their credit cards and going deep into debt. The US government is slow to fix this ongoing crisis and the options are clear. Look elsewhere.

So where do you start in this investigation? What Country, what Doctor, can they be trusted, what are the regulations,etc. This list is long. The research and inquiries can last longer than the amount of time your ill loved one has. So urgency is a concern.

Costa Rica Medical Tourism has been booming for close to 15 years. From Dental to plastic surgery and even long term health care management. Costa Rica will save you thousands of dollars

Here are some links to some outstanding hospitals in Costa Rica. Click on them and check out their services

  1. Hospital CIMA in Escazu, Costa Rica
  2. Hospital Clinica Biblica in San Jose

There is a lot to learn within this market. Who do you trust? Who are the Doctors with the most experience and highest recommendations. What about the Hospitals and Clinics, which ones have the most advanced health care, the best MRI units, blood labs and Orthopedic facilities for rehab.

If you are interested in learning more than the first step is to set up a 20-30 min phone consultation. FEE: $50. From here, we can help provide you with the contacts and services most recommended to your needs.

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