Deciding on a Shipping Container Pool

Building a shipping container pool using a shipping container.

Shipping Containers can be converted into home so why not pools? Makes sense, seems easy.
The structural integrity and rigidity of the shipping container is sufficient to hold water.
It is estimated that the costs for the container pool is 50% less than the standard conventional in-ground pool.
This is an exciting creative new use of the shipping container. Because the shipping container is a “used” item, then these container pools are actually “green”. The repurposing of a shipping container does in fact reduce the carbon footprint.
These pools transport very easily. They fit perfectly on a flatbed 40ft trailer and con be lifted by a crane and installed in one day.
These container pools are perfect for people who cannot have a traditional in ground pool due to soft or hard dirt issues. A lot of people build a deck around the shipping container pool to finish off the wonderful appearance.
Also, why not bring your pool with you when you move.

Below are some photos of containers being used to build a swimming pool. These are not our photos or our product.

These people seem to know a lot more about the subject. Click Here.


The swimming pool at the TAXI development in Denver is made from two shipping containers welded together. Residents and employees at the development gather on a 100 degree day on the deck around the lap pool on Friday, June 29, 2012. Cyrus McCrimmon, The Denver Postpool-made-from-a-shipping-container container-pool-3shipping-container-poolcontainer-pool-4