Shipping container locks

The best way to lock up your shipping container home.

There are many ways to put a lock on your metal home, especially if you are a welder. You can weld and cut and create your own way to secure your home. Most people like the idea of a secured locked box of a home, especially when they leave it alone. Most container doors have one door and 2-3 windows. The decision on the windows is to use standard Bars or a steel slider from the cut out. The Bars make the container home look like a prison, so its important when you are considering shipping container locks to do your bars with some style:

With the sliders on the windows you then need to open and close them every time to come and go, even on the short trips, if security is a real concern in your area. The window sliders could be hook up to a remote control to open and close in sync, acting as a solid shipping container lock.

The one door security involves the opening and closing to flow.

You do not want to have to struggle with your container door. It should open freely and with your pinky finger, like our doors.


The shipping container lock box is important so your lock is protected.

Other things to remember is to not have a plug outlet on the outside of the home that remains active while you are out of your home. Again, this would be if you have a concern about the motivation of the thieves in your neighborhood. Someone could connect to your outside electricity and plug in a saw to cut their way in.




We hand craft our locks so their is plenty of room t move your had around on the inside. These we build with 1/8″ thick steel and bend it to its size and cut a slit on the side so the door can slide in.

The last photo is a standard lock on most new shipping containers that are being used. The lock box is small but very strong.